InstaTech has been discontinued. Please see Remotely.

InstaTech is a free, open-source suite of tools that enables you to provide instant tech support with ease and efficiency. It bundles remote control, live chat support, and workstation management into one lightweight solution.

Easily deployable and configurable, you can have InstaTech up and running on your IIS server or shared hosting site in minutes. We'll provide you an installation package that's customized specifically for your organization and guides you through the server setup.

Connect to any computer, any time.
The remote control app comes in two flavors: interactive and unattended. The interactive app is used by a customer to invite a tech into their computer for support, even if they're outside your network. It requires no complicated setup or port forwarding on the customer's end, and it effortlessly connects through firewalls and NATs.

The unattended app can be deployed as a service within your organization and will allow techs to connect to the machine at any time, even if no one's there.

Check out the below video!

Manage computers, deploy software, and more.
With the unattended service installed, you can gather information and remotely manage computers on your network. It has the ability to deploy scripts and software installations silently over the network, and the interactive scripting console lets you send PowerShell and batch commands to one or more computers in real time.

Record and play back sessions.
With session recording enabled, all remote control sessions are automatically recorded on the server. The recordings can be viewed easily at any time using the InstaTech Player app.

Communicate effectively with live chat.
Nobody likes to wait on hold. With live chat, customers can enjoy the freedom to multi-task, and techs will benefit from having information about the problem up-front, before taking the case.

Unlimited users. No cost.
InstaTech is 100% free and open source. There are no advertisements or premium features that require payment.

Your server, your business.
Because InstaTech runs on your own server, you are in total control. Anything can be customized to your liking. And since the project is open source, any developer can add new features and capabilities.

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